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These are not all, but most of the variations I've made so far. You can choose your favorite, or if you have a variation in mind that hasn't been made yet, just let me know. For more information go to FAQ, for guidance go to Custom, and if you want to narrow down your options go to Collections.

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131 Produkte


Leopardenholz + WolframLeopardenholz + Wolfram
Leopardenholz + Wolfram Angebot45.000 Ft
San Domingo Palisander + KeramikSan Domingo Palisander + Keramik
Afata + KeramikAfata + Keramik
Afata + Keramik Angebot37.000 Ft
Marmorholz + KeramikMarmorholz + Keramik
Marmorholz + Keramik Angebot37.000 Ft
Dschungelahorn + StahlDschungelahorn + Stahl
Dschungelahorn + Stahl Angebot36.000 Ft
Bergahorn + facettiertes WolframBergahorn + facettiertes Wolfram
San Domingo Palisander + WolframSan Domingo Palisander + Wolfram
Seeahorn + StahlSeeahorn + Stahl
Seeahorn + Stahl Angebot36.000 Ft
Feuerbirke + KeramikFeuerbirke + Keramik
Feuerbirke + Keramik Angebot44.000 Ft
Rostige Birke + KeramikRostige Birke + Keramik
Rostige Birke + Keramik Angebot44.000 Ft
Türkiser Ahorn + StahlTürkiser Ahorn + Stahl
Türkiser Ahorn + Stahl Angebot34.000 Ft