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Article: My Online Interview with Wedding Classic Magazine

My Online Interview with Wedding Classic Magazine

I know this is basically a repost but I thought you might be interested in knowing a little bit about my story and philosophy around Woodfox. This is the original link to the interview that had surprisingly good question, actually, but since it's in hungarian I thought I will translate it and share it here as just in case they delete it in the future. 😛

The uniqueness inherent in nature - a unique and elegant wedding ring from Woodfox

According to GĂĄbor Majoros, the founder of Woodfox, a ring is always more than yourself, more than a piece of jewelry, just as making a ring is much more than work. If your dream is a personalized, unique, yet elegant wedding ring that can be worn for all occasions and activities, look no further, as Woodfox rings are special not only in their design, but also in terms of their materials and meaning.

EC: Wood carving and ring making? When and how did these two areas meet in your life?
GĂĄbor: I wanted to start sculpting as a hobby in 2020. My partner was working right next to me with a beautiful little opal, to which I immediately said how beautiful it would be in a ring. A small falling piece of wood was just big enough to fit the mineral. The idea stuck, and the next time they cut an American walnut tree close to me, which had been chewed up by beetles, I was already thinking about what an elegant wedding ring it could be. When I got home, I got down to making it and absolutely fell in love with it. I soon started experimenting with new woods and developing the technology to make rings more beautiful and faster. As I developed, I was enchanted again and again by the beauty of different trees, so I gradually became obsessed with this profession.

EC: What is the history of the choice of name?
Gábor: At first I thought I would share the couple of rings I made every week, but I didn't want to make a separate page for it, so I created an album under my partner's page (which is called Moonfox) and I named this album Woodfox just as a joke . And so it stayed. 🙂

EC: We are not asking you to reveal professional secrets, but we are still curious: how is an elegant wedding ring made of wood?
GĂĄbor: Durability and comfort depend on the double-wall socket, and of course it cannot be neglected in terms of aesthetics. If you have the socket, the inner groove must be cut to size and the wood that will be inserted must be sanded. When the wood is inside, the waterproof acrylic coating is also applied. This way, the finished ring will be truly timeless. Of course, it is important that the socket and the waterproof layer are of good quality and of the right type of material. Basically, it is not a complicated technology. The challenge for me lies in the details, which just requires some patience, respect and humility. Each piece is different, and therefore you have to feel, listen, and observe many times, which piece requires what, how it will be perfect.

EC: What do Woodfox rings represent?
GĂĄbor: Although it is a bit poetic, a ring is not really about itself as a piece of jewelry. They symbolize something that will last a lifetime: love and its promise. Of course, no one buys a ring just to take it to the grave one day. But, like us, the trees in our rings will disappear just as they once lived. My task, my profession, is to draw attention to their beauty and to keep it alive even after their death, so that we can continue to admire them and thus the world around us. The ring, as jewelry, is just a tool for this, one of thousands of methods - like a car for transportation, or a canvas for a painting. While the tree is about the unknown beauty of nature for me, the rings, in which I try to make this tangible, symbolize my love for life. For me, Woodfox is not about the ring, nor the tree, and certainly not about the money, but about love, life, and in a certain way, death, and the natural beauty of it all.

EC: Do you have the option to choose not only the already existing, but also a unique elegant wedding ring? How does this process work? How long does it take for a custom order to be ready?
GĂĄbor: Many times, the unique ideas of my brave customers help me step out of my creative and technical comfort zone, resulting in more and more special rings. I also encourage everyone to dare to dream something new if they want to. It is possible to negotiate a unique ring design online and in person, followed by the determination of the appropriate size. For this, I usually send a sizer if the customer needs it, but if the size is wrong, I will replace the ring for free. I usually ask for an advance only in the case of gold and similarly high-value raw materials. The production time depends on whether you have all the materials in stock to make a high-quality, elegant wedding ring, or whether you need to purchase something else. It is usually 1-2 weeks, in more special cases 3-5 weeks.

EC: Which couples would you recommend your service to?
GĂĄbor: I recommend it primarily to those who are close to nature, and those who are thinking about buying an elegant wedding ring with an alternative style and durable. In contrast to classic precious metals, the Woodfox rings with stainless steel and tungsten sockets withstand the wear and tear. Of course, you can't compare a tungsten ring with a gold ring in many ways, but for those who like to DIY, like me, and don't want to bother with taking off and putting on their ring all the time, it's a perfect choice.


GĂĄbor Majoros Jr. doesn't even know why in 2020 he carved a ring from the small piece of wood that came into his hands, but since then he has been dedicating every day to making rings, and his collection has been constantly expanding ever since. Our mission is to create unique solid wood rings of the highest quality that capture the truly unique and natural beauty of trees. We specialize in configurable rings with wooden decorations, which are waterproof, practical and durable, regardless of whether they are made of any wood.

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