about woodfox

Woodfox rings are made to capture and emphasize the unique and unmatched beauty of wood.
Mother Nature is the real artist of these rings. My mission is to raise awareness of the beauty that surrounds us every day, and to help Her creations shine by making rings that become truly special in our daily lives as a unique alternative to precious stones and metals.

The first rings were...


My love for this vocation began with a piece of simple walnut and a carving knife. After 4 hours and a lot of swearing, I thought: there must be a better way to do this. So, I began experimenting.

so I began

perfecting the process

And soon, I became obsessed with it. My curiousity drove me to keep experimenting until I was able to create a "perfect ring". But I found out, there was no such thing. So, I kept going.

Now I just love making them and

Sharing the beauty

It took some time to perfect the technique, but I will never stop perfecting and experimenting. Now I just love to make rings for those who admire the unparalleled beauty of wood as I do.

my journey

Hi, my name is Gábor Majoros (Jr.), and I'm a ring addict. The summer of 2020 was the first time I took a carving knife in my hand and the second thing I made from a small piece of wood was a ring. Don’t ask why.
A little later, I got my first batch of American walnut raw material which I thought would be a nice material for a ring. After 4.5 hours of carving, sharpening and swearing, a pair of rings were born. The beauty of the walnut wood was enchanted me at the first cut. It's like I polished a diamond. But, there must be a more practical way to do this, I thought.Well, since then, I’ve been obsessively making rings every day. Since I just became unemployed at the time when I started this and enjoyed it from the beginning, I decided I wanted to make a living from it. A year later, I'm happy to say that I succeeded. :)
If I had known what could be born out of that little ring, I would have made it years ago. But such is Life. You never know what will happen. In any case, I am unspeakably happy to be able to embark on this fantastic journey and continue to walk it every day. I still think about rings all day every day - how could they be even more beautiful, even more perfect. I think it’s time to come up with a new clinical name for this addiction.