Space Ice Elderwood + Ceramic

44.000 HUF

Black ceramic ring with stabilized and dyed "Space Ice" elderwood inlay protected by a completely waterproof and durable acrylic coating. Picture shows 4mm wide rings.

Elderwood, with its rich legacy and timeless allure, stands as a symbol of wisdom and enchantment. Revered in folklore for its mystical properties, elderwood is often associated with protection and healing. Its distinctive grain patterns, ranging from pale yellows to deep browns, lend a unique character to every piece crafted from this remarkable wood. In various cultures, the elder tree is believed to possess magical qualities and is considered a symbol of renewal and transformation. Its presence in a ring speaks not only of natural beauty but also of the stories ingrained within the rings, echoing the whispers of time and the elegance of elderwood's enduring charm.

Ceramic is an ideal reinforcement for wood inlays for its durability, scratch resistance, and lightweight properties. Its smooth and lustrous surface enhances nature's beauty in wood inlays. The contrast of ceramic's contemporary look with wood's texture creates a modern, visually captivating design. Additionally, ceramic is hypoallergenic and won't discolor, for long-term comfort and beauty. In combining wood inlays and ceramic's sleekness, these rings become elegant and unique accessories for any occasion.

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