Forest Birch + Ceramic

44.000 HUF

Stabilized and colored "Forest" birchwood reinforced by black ceramic and acrylic waterproof coating. Picture shows 6 and 8 mm width.

Birch, characterized by its pale tones and fine grain, holds symbolic significance as a representation of new beginnings and purity. Native to the Northern Hemisphere, birch trees are admired for their adaptability and resilience, symbolizing growth and renewal. Widely used in furniture, flooring, and various crafts, birch wood's versatility and timeless elegance make it a symbol of enduring natural beauty. The light and airy aesthetic of birch embodies simplicity and a connection to the regenerative cycles of nature. Whether incorporated into traditional or modern designs, birch wood stands as a subtle yet powerful reminder of the simplicity and timelessness found in the natural world.

Ceramic's durable, scratch-resistant, lightweight properties make it perfect for wood inlayed rings. Its smooth, lustrous surface highlights the natural beauty of the wood. The contemporary aesthetic and organic texture of the wood create an attractive, modern design. Additionally, ceramic is hypoallergenic and won't discolor, ensuring lasting beauty and comfort. These rings are a stylish, distinctive accessory for any occasion.

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