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Oak & Meteorite + Ceramic

Sale price37.000 Ft

Oak wood ring with real meteorite shavings reinforced by scratch resistant black ceramic and waterproof acrylic coating. Picture shows 8 mm width.

Oak is a timeless wood known for its durability and natural beauty, and it makes a great choice for a ring inlay. With its rich grain patterns and warm tones, oak adds a touch of rustic charm and sophistication to any ring design. Oak is steeped in tradition and symbolism, representing strength, endurance, and longevity. So, by incorporating oak into your ring inlay, you're not just adding a beautiful aesthetic but also a meaningful connection to heritage and resilience.

Meteorite, on the other hand, introduces a cosmic element into craftsmanship. Composed of iron and nickel alloys from outer space, meteorite inlays in rings or other items carry a unique story of celestial origins. These fragments symbolize rarity, mystery, and a connection to the universe, adding a touch of cosmic wonder to your ring.

Ceramic's combination of durability, scratch-resistance, and lightness make it perfect for inlayed wood rings with a slick, modern look. If you are looking for a super hypoallergenic option, you can't go wrong with ceramic. It's more brittle than the metal options, but it's more than strong enough to be worn everyday if you don't have a very heavy duty job. It's also resistant to discoloration so they'll keep their beauty for a long-long time. Optional matte finish is also available for a more rustic look.



Size (US):

Size (US)

Oak & Meteorite + Ceramic
Oak & Meteorite + Ceramic Sale price37.000 Ft