Oak & Meteorite + Ceramic

37.000 HUF

Oak wood ring with real meteorite shavings reinforced by scratch resistant black ceramic and waterproof acrylic coating. Picture shows 8 mm width.

Oak, a symbol of strength and endurance, has been a preferred material for centuries due to its robust nature and distinctive grain patterns. Widely distributed across the Northern Hemisphere, oak wood is synonymous with tradition and longevity. Its versatility extends to furniture, flooring, and construction, making it a timeless choice that seamlessly connects the past with contemporary design.

Meteorite, on the other hand, introduces a cosmic element into craftsmanship. Composed of iron and nickel alloys from outer space, meteorite inlays in rings or other items carry a unique story of celestial origins. These fragments symbolize rarity, mystery, and a connection to the universe, adding a touch of cosmic wonder to crafted pieces. The marriage of oak's timeless strength with the celestial allure of meteorite creates a harmonious blend of earthly endurance and cosmic fascination in each unique creation.

Ceramic is a great ring blank for wood inlay rings. Featuring scratch resistance and lightness, it's perfect for everyday use. Its smooth, shining surface highlights wood inlays' natural beauty. Ceramic's modern style and wood's organic texture create a visually captivating design. Ceramic is hypoallergenic and won't discolor, making these rings a stylish, long-lasting accessory.

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