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Kingwood + Ceramic

Angebot37.000 Ft

Natural and solid Kingwood ring reinforced by black ceramic and protected by waterproof acrylic coating. Pictures show 6 mm wide rings. Price refers to one.

Kingwood is loved for its unique pattern, sweet honey-like smell, and rich purplish-brown colors, and is native to South America. Kingwood earned its name from its historical association with French royalty, who prized it for its luxurious qualities. Its rarity and elegance make it a coveted material for creating luxury and timeless pieces.

Ceramic's combination of durability, scratch-resistance, and lightness make it perfect for inlayed wood rings with a slick, modern look. If you are looking for a super hypoallergenic option, you can't go wrong with ceramic. It's more brittle than the metal options, but it's more than strong enough to be worn everyday if you don't have a very heavy duty job. It's also resistant to discoloration so they'll keep their beauty for a long-long time. Optional matte finish is also available for a more rustic look.



Size (US):

Size (US)

Kingwood + Ceramic
Kingwood + Ceramic Angebot37.000 Ft