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Redheart + Steel

Angebot29.000 Ft

Natural and solid Redheart wood ring reinforced by surgical stainless steel and waterproof acrylic coating. Picture shows 5mm wide ring.

Redheart, scientifically known as Erythroxylum spp., is a hardwood species native to Central and South America, particularly found in countries like Mexico and Brazil. This wood is loved for its vibrant reddish-orange color, and its fine grain, making it a popular choice for woodworking projects. Redheart wood is highly valued for its natural color, which is often used to create eye-catching accents and decorative pieces. In some cultures, redheart is associated with passion, energy, and vitality, symbolizing strength and determination.

Surgical stainless steel is a great choice for a wood ring core. It's lightweight, affordable, and its minimalist design showcases the natural beauty of the wood inlay. While it's not completely scratch-resistant, any scratches that do occur are hardly noticeable since there is minimal surface area that comes in contact with other surfaces. It's also technically hypoallergenic, but if you prefer an extra level of safety, ceramic is a great alternative. For a more sturdy and metal-focused design, tungsten is the one for you.

Size (US):

Size (US)



Redheart + Steel
Redheart + Steel Angebot29.000 Ft