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Afata + Ceramic

Sale price37.000 Ft

Natural and solid Afata wood ring reinforced by black ceramic and protected by acrylic waterproof coating. Picture shows 8 mm wide ring.

Cordia trichotoma, also known as "Canela-Preto" or "Sapwood Cordia," is a species of tropical hardwood native to South America. This wood is known for its rich light-brown hues and unique grain patterns, which vary from straight to interlocked. Afata is valued for its durability and workability, making it a popular choice for fine woodworking. Its warm and inviting appearance adds a touch of natural elegance to any ring.

Ceramic's combination of durability, scratch-resistance, and lightness make it perfect for inlayed wood rings with a slick, modern look. If you are looking for a super hypoallergenic option, you can't go wrong with ceramic. It's more brittle than the metal options, but it's more than strong enough to be worn everyday if you don't have a very heavy duty job. It's also resistant to discoloration so they'll keep their beauty for a long-long time. Optional matte finish is also available for a more rustic look.



Size (US):

Size (US)

Afata + Ceramic
Afata + Ceramic Sale price37.000 Ft