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Sand Birch+ Tungsten

Prezzo scontato52.000 Ft

Scratch resistant tungsten ring with stabilized "Sand" karelian birch wood inlay protected by completely waterproof and durable acrylic coating.

Picture shows 4 mm width.

Karelian Birch is famous for its denseand beautiful patterns and creamy tones. Originating from the Karelian region of Russia, this wood is like a slice of nature's art gallery. Karelian Birch is known for its distinctive "burl" patterns, which are like nature's beautiful imperfections. It's been prized for centuries for its beauty and rarity, making it a real gem in woodworking.

Stabilized wood undergoes a process where it's infused with resin to enhance its durability and sexyness. This treatment not only makes the wood more resistant but also allows for vibrant dye colors to be added, resulting in a beautiful and unique look. Essentially, it's like giving wood a durability upgrade while also opening up a whole new world of color possibilities. So, if you're looking for a material that combines both resilience and aesthetic appeal for your ring inlay, stabilized wood is an excellent choice.

Tungsten carbide is often called the "forever metal", which is why it's an excellent choice to reinforce any wood. This remarkable material combines tungsten, one of the hardest metals known to man, with carbon to create an incredibly durable and scratch-resistant alloy. Tungsten is relatively heavy (especially the 8mm design) but it makes sure your wood inlay ring will withstand the test of time, maintaining its pristine look even with daily wear. It also a great choice if you'd like a more metal-dominant and elegant design for your ring. Optional matte finish is also available for a more rustic look.



Size (US):

Size (US)

Sand Birch+ Tungsten
Sand Birch+ Tungsten Prezzo scontato52.000 Ft