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These are not all, but most of the variations I've made so far. You can choose your favorite, or if you have a variation in mind that hasn't been made yet, just let me know. For more information go to FAQ, for guidance go to Custom, and if you want to narrow down your options go to Collections.

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Höstlönn + DamaskusstålHöstlönn + Damaskusstål
Höstlönn + Damaskusstål REA-pris60.000 Ft
Glödbjörk + Guld TungstenGlödbjörk + Guld Tungsten
Glödbjörk + Guld Tungsten REA-pris56.000 Ft
Amboyna + Silver
Amboyna + Silver REA-pris68.000 Ft
Papegojfisk Buckeye + SilverPapegojfisk Buckeye + Silver
Space Ice Elderwood + Rosé Gold Tungsten
Ek + Guld Tungsten
Ek + Guld Tungsten REA-pris49.000 Ft
Gräslönn + Guld Tungsten
Gräslönn + Guld Tungsten REA-pris56.000 Ft
Aqua Björk + Guld TungstenAqua Björk + Guld Tungsten
Aqua Björk + Guld Tungsten REA-pris56.000 Ft
Röd Amazonitlönn + Keramik
Havslönn + Keramik
Havslönn + Keramik REA-pris44.000 Ft
Swamp Ash + KeramikSwamp Ash + Keramik
Swamp Ash + Keramik REA-pris44.000 Ft
Körsbärslönn + KeramikKörsbärslönn + Keramik
Körsbärslönn + Keramik REA-pris44.000 Ft
Natthavsbjörk + KeramikNatthavsbjörk + Keramik
Natthavsbjörk + Keramik REA-pris44.000 Ft
Röd Amazonitlönn + VolframRöd Amazonitlönn + Volfram
Papegojfisk Buckeye + TungstenPapegojfisk Buckeye + Tungsten
Ebony Macassar + TungstenEbony Macassar + Tungsten
Ebony Macassar + Tungsten REA-pris45.000 Ft
Kalifornisk Redwood + TungstenKalifornisk Redwood + Tungsten
Black Palm + TungstenBlack Palm + Tungsten
Black Palm + Tungsten REA-pris45.000 Ft
Space Ice Elderwood+ TungstenSpace Ice Elderwood+ Tungsten
Ocean Basswood + TungstenOcean Basswood + Tungsten
Ocean Basswood + Tungsten REA-pris52.000 Ft
Aqua Birch+ TungstenAqua Birch+ Tungsten
Aqua Birch+ Tungsten REA-pris52.000 Ft
Ara Lönn + StålAra Lönn + Stål
Ara Lönn + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Blackwood + KeramikBlackwood + Keramik
Blackwood + Keramik REA-pris37.000 Ft
Komet Björk + StålKomet Björk + Stål
Komet Björk + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Aqua Björk + StålAqua Björk + Stål
Aqua Björk + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Sand Björk + StålSand Björk + Stål
Sand Björk + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Flambjörk + StålFlambjörk + Stål
Flambjörk + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Gyllene Björk + StålGyllene Björk + Stål
Gyllene Björk + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Havslönn + StålHavslönn + Stål
Havslönn + Stål REA-pris36.000 Ft
Näckrosbjörk + Facetterad VolframNäckrosbjörk + Facetterad Volfram