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Welcome to the Showroom! This is where you can browse through almost all variations that have been made so far. Once you found your favorite, you can have a similar ring made to order in your size and preferred width. You can also configure your own in the Studio. Go to Collections to narrow down the options, and check out the Guide for...guidance! All rings in the Showroom are made to order, so the pictures are just examples and the wood may differ from what you receive.

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Rusty Birch + TungstenRusty Birch + Tungsten
Rusty Birch + Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Exotic Raw Wood RingExotic Raw Wood Ring
Exotic Raw Wood Ring Sale price6.000 Ft
Forest Birch + CeramicForest Birch + Ceramic
Forest Birch + Ceramic Sale price44.000 Ft
Oak + SteelOak + Steel
Oak + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft
Ebony + TungstenEbony + Tungsten
Ebony + Tungsten Sale price45.000 Ft
Kingwood + SteelKingwood + Steel
Kingwood + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft
Acacia + SteelAcacia + Steel
Acacia + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft
Coral Maple + SteelCoral Maple + Steel
Coral Maple + Steel Sale price36.000 Ft
Oak & Meteorite + CeramicOak & Meteorite + Ceramic
Oak & Meteorite + Ceramic Sale price37.000 Ft
Supergreen Birch + TungstenSupergreen Birch + Tungsten
Supergreen Birch + Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Sea Birch + Faceted TungstenSea Birch + Faceted Tungsten
Sea Birch + Faceted Tungsten Sale price57.000 Ft
Sold outGalaxy Birch + Tungsten & OpalGalaxy Birch + Tungsten & Opal
Galaxy Birch + Tungsten & Opal Sale price61.000 Ft
Sea Birch + Tungsten & OpalSea Birch + Tungsten & Opal
Sea Birch + Tungsten & Opal Sale price61.000 Ft
Orange & Purple Birch + CeramicOrange & Purple Birch + Ceramic
Grass Maple + CeramicGrass Maple + Ceramic
Grass Maple + Ceramic Sale price44.000 Ft
Sold outCocobolo + SteelCocobolo + Steel
Cocobolo + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft
Sea Maple + TungstenSea Maple + Tungsten
Sea Maple + Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Oak & Ebony + Tungsten
Oak & Ebony + Tungsten Sale price51.000 Ft
Sapele Mahogany + TungstenSapele Mahogany + Tungsten
Sapele Mahogany + Tungsten Sale price45.000 Ft
American Walnut + TungstenAmerican Walnut + Tungsten
American Walnut + Tungsten Sale price45.000 Ft
Blackwood + Steel & Meteorite
Blackwood + Steel & Meteorite Sale price38.000 Ft
Oasis Birch+ TungstenOasis Birch+ Tungsten
Oasis Birch+ Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Coral Maple + TungstenCoral Maple + Tungsten
Coral Maple + Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Water Lily Birch+ TungstenWater Lily Birch+ Tungsten
Water Lily Birch+ Tungsten Sale price52.000 Ft
Stabilized Wood RingStabilized Wood Ring
Stabilized Wood Ring Sale price10.000 Ft
Dalmatian Ebony + SteelDalmatian Ebony + Steel
Dalmatian Ebony + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft
Grass Maple + SteelGrass Maple + Steel
Grass Maple + Steel Sale price34.000 Ft
Sapele Mahogany + CeramicSapele Mahogany + Ceramic
Sapele Mahogany + Ceramic Sale price37.000 Ft
Oak + TungstenOak + Tungsten
Oak + Tungsten Sale price45.000 Ft
Grass Maple + Tungsten & Pink OpalGrass Maple + Tungsten & Pink Opal