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let me show you why

wood is worthy...

to be admired

Wood is so much more beautiful than we realize.

Solid wood rings are especially suitable to show Mother Nature's endlessly unique beauty. Due to their curvature, only solid wood rings reveal the real beauty of any wood's pattern and chatoyancy (shine). If wood is this beautiful, what other beauty is hiding under our noses?

to be worn

Woodfox rings are made for a lifetime.

Everyone can give meaning to these rings for themselves, but since most rings I make are made for weddings, anniversaries, and engagements, I had to make them as durable as possible. Every ring is reinforced, and protected by a waterproof coating, except the raw wood rings. This allows them to be worn and enjoyed every day for a lifetime.

To be shown

Mother Nature is the real artist of these rings.

I still remember the moment I made my first walnut ring. It was like I stumbled upon an undiscovered beauty. I feel it's important to share this with the world. Rings are just my medium, and even if you don't want one, just know that beauty is all around us.


is your jaw ready to be dropped?

If there is an option for a before/after showcase, you bet your ass I'm gonna use it!



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don't believe me?

Believe others!

Let's be honest, it's my job to convince you to order a ring, so you shouldn't listen to me. But you should listen to the hundreds of customers I had the pleasure of serving. These are some of the most convincing reviews I've me.
Joking aside, these messages really do keep me going, so thank you so much for every one of them. I like to believe they are sincere.

"Our fabulous wedding rings are made by Woodfox Rings. Every piece has a soul and a unique beauty 🥰 If you like special, natural jewelry, here they will make what you dream of."

"An endless array of unique possibilities; fast and flexible communication; quality construction. We became richer with flawless rings that truly represent us. Thank You!"

"Wonderful work that fits a fairy tale! ❤️ We are happy owners and we love it! Thank you for the fast and precise work! We definitely recommend you to everyone! 😊"

"Gábor is incredibly kind, helpful, patient and professional, he helped a lot to make our miracle rings just as we wanted! 😊"

"Amazing customer service, communicated extremely well with me the entire process. They put so much care and effort into my order and got me exactly what I dreamed of!"

Did you know?

Ordering rings online does not have to be stressful!

I hate ordering things online. Truly. Ordering anything online can be a stressful process, especially rings! But we can't deny that this platform is convenient for both of us. This is why I have have made it my mission to make this as easy and enjoyable as I possibly can. Here are some of the things I can do for you that could easy your mind.

If they don't, let me know what would. I'm always looking for ways to perfect the process. If you have any questions, there might already be an answer at the FAQ page, or in case of emergency connect to a human via one of the options:

Free exchange

Got the wrong size? No worries. Just let me know and I'll exchange it for free.

Personal meeting

We can schedule a meeting in Hungary if you'd like to check out the rings personally.

Emotional support

We are in this together. If you have any question or concern, I'm here for you 24/7.

Lifetime guarantee

If anything happens to your ring that shouldn't, I'll exchange it or repair it for free.

Free shipping in EU

Please let me know if you'd like to order a ring to be shipped outside the EU.



They are all different

There are some types of woods that allow similar rings to be made, but know that your ring might be different than the ones that have already been made. Usually only the pattern is different, but sometimes the color, too. Yes, this makes them unique, and if I see a big difference, I will let you know before shipping, but if you receive a ring that is too different from the one you chose, let me know.

They are all thick(ish)

These rings are like sandwiches. Everything needs space to maximize stability and durability - the core, the wood, and the coating. This means all rings are about 2.5mm thick. This is a bit more than usual and may not be comfortable for some. If you'd like to try them before ordering, get in touch and we can schedule a meeting at my shop or one of the events I will be attending.

They are all handmade

I won't lie - no matter how hard I try, not all rings are perfect. Since they are all individually made by hand, some will have minimal signs of this. The cores should not have any issues, but wood can be tricky to work with, and there are times when I rather finish an imperfect ring than throw away a beautiful piece. However, if you receive a ring that does not meet your standards, please let me know.



Remember, love at first sight is real. Choose the one that you love, and it's okay if your partner's is not the same. It's all up to you. Rings have the superpower to express who you are. Be bold. Be proud.

If you're having trouble deciding or determining which ring is right for you, check out the custom order page for advice and feel free to contact me any time. It's my duty to help you navigate the murky waters of rings.

Thank you for being here. :)