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Custom Order

Configure your unique ring

Woodfox rings are customizable to your liking. There are plenty of options in cores, woods, and various additional inlays. Here is a quick overview of the option and some information about them that will help you decide what the best combination is for you. If you have a specific idea or if you are having a hard time deciding, just let me know.

Step 1

Core Materials

First, choose a material for the reinforcement core.

Stainless Steel: Thin walls, lightweight, least expensive, not scratch resistant, but scratches are not very noticeable because of thin walls. Made of hypoallergenic surgical steel.
Available in 5 and 8 mm widths.

Ceramic: Highly scratch resistant, lightweight, and more than strong enough for everyday use. Available with thin flat walls or bevelled edges, black or white colors, and 4-6-8 mm widths. Also hypoallergenic.

Tungsten: Completely scratch resistant, has thicker walls for a more metal dominant design, relatively heavy, but it's most durable choice.
Available in 4-6-8 mm widths.

Step 2


The comfort of the ring highly depends on its width, and the ring can be beautiful, but you will only love to wear if it is comfortable. Our recommendations:

  • 4-5 mm: for small hands, delicate fingers. The wood inlay gets darker in these narrower designs, so we recommend choosing a brighter wood.
  • 6 mm: this is the most popular choice, as this width is comfortable for most people, and the wood itself gets enough space to shine as well.
  • 8 mm: it wobbles less if the base of your finger in smaller than your knuckle. Don't choose this width if the base of your finger is its thickest point.

NOTE: The beauty of the wood gets more pronounced in wider rings. Also, if you'd like additional inlays, choose minimum 5 mm width.

Step 3


There are 50+ colors and types of woods you can choose from, so this can be tough, but I'll try to help.

First, decide if you'd like stabilized - unique and colorful, or natural - classic and traditional.

Stabilized woods come in all kinds of color and pattern you can imagine.

Natural woods have a basic color pallatte: light brown (Oak), dark brown (Walnut), black (Ebony), purple-red (Amaranth or Redheart), and orange (Cocobolo or Rosewood)

If you can't decide, try to choose the color and its brightness first, as that's what you, and everyone else will notice first, and let the pattern choose itself.

Step 4

Waterproof Coating

Every ring gets a waterproof acrylic coating by default on its wood inlay. We don't recommend not asking for one, but you have the option to do so. The coating is a hard, transparent material that is more durable than epoxy, but could need a refurbish after a couple of years. Just contact us and we will do it for free.

NOTE: The only substance this coating does not like is acetone.

Step 5


This is the tricky part, but don't worry, if you ask for the wrong size we will exchange it for free. We recommend either visiting us around Budapest, or ordering our ring sizer which is easy to use and accurate HERE.

Otherwise, you have these options:

  • Measure a ring or something else you have that has the correct size.
  • Visit your local jewelry store and have your finger measured.

NOTE: the width of the ring is an important factor to consider when determining your ring size. An 8 mm wide ring will have to be bigger than a 4 mm one.

Step 6


You can ask for an additional inlay next to the wood of your choice, or a custom laser engraving on the inside of the ring. We mainly work with natural crystals and synthetic opals. Please contact us if you'd like to customize your ring in any way.


Step 7

Order & Payment

You can place your oder here on the website, or through any of our channels: message through Facebook or Instagram, or via email.

Every ring is shipped in a box like this that is included in the price.

If you choose not to order through the website, we will send you an invoice for a transfer through bank, PayPal, or Revolut. Of course, you can also pay with cash if we have the opportunity to meet. :)

The price of the shipment to any EU country is free. Otherwise, please contact us for more information.