Californian Redwood + Tungsten

52.000 HUF

Scratch resistant tungsten ring with stabilized Californian redwood inlay protected by completely waterproof and durable acrylic coating.

Picture shows 8 and 4mm width designs.

Californian Redwood, revered for its majestic presence and awe-inspiring stature, weaves a tale of natural grandeur into the world of wooden rings. Known scientifically as Sequoia sempervirens, this iconic wood is celebrated for its rich, reddish-brown hues and the extraordinary height of the trees from which it comes. Often regarded as a symbol of strength and resilience, Californian Redwood stands as a testament to the enduring power of nature. Crafting rings from this revered wood not only captures its stunning visual appeal but also embodies a connection to the ancient groves that have witnessed centuries of growth. Californian Redwood carries a sense of timelessness, a piece of the forest's legacy encapsulated within each ring. It's not just a ring; it's a homage to nature's majesty, a wearable piece of the towering redwoods that grace the landscapes of California.

Tungsten carbide with wood inlays make long-lasting, stylish rings, renowned for strength and durability. Scratch- and corrosion-resistant tungsten carbide offers hardness that ensures the ring's integrity, contrasted with the warmth and beauty of natural wood. This striking combination adds elegant yet modern flair that lasts.

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