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Autumn Maple + Damascus Steel

Sale price60.000 Ft


Stabilized and dyed "Autumn" maple wood ring reinforced by stainless damascus steel and acrylic waterproof coating. Picture shows 4mm wide ring.

Maplewood is mainly sourced from the Northern Hemisphere, and in its natural form it has a natural charm with its light, creamy tones and fine grain. Symbolizing balance, growth, and timeless beauty, this versatile wood is a favorite for crafting rings and other items. Maple has been cherished for centuries for its versatility, making it a staple in everything from furniture to musical instruments. So, if you're after a wood that's classic, reliable, and just downright beautiful, maple is the perfect pick for your ring inlay.

Stabilized wood undergoes a process where it's infused with resin to enhance its durability and sexyness. This treatment not only makes the wood more resistant but also allows for vibrant dye colors to be added, resulting in a beautiful and unique look. Essentially, it's like giving wood a durability upgrade while also opening up a whole new world of color possibilities. So, if you're looking for a material that combines both resilience and aesthetic appeal for your ring inlay, stabilized wood is an excellent choice.

Damascus steel is famous for its mesmerizing patterns and exceptional strength which is why it makes a very special material for a wood inlay ring. Damascus steel is made by a unique forging process that involves layering and folding different types of steel. It's not scratch-resistant but it is very strong and made of lightweight stainless steel, so it's comfortable and you don't have to worry about wearing it every day.

Production time for damascus steel rings is approximately 90 days after order.



Size (US):

Size (US)



Autumn Maple + Damascus Steel
Autumn Maple + Damascus Steel Sale price60.000 Ft