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Dalmatian Ebony + Steel

Sale price29.000 Ft

Natural and solid Dalmatian ebony wood ring reinforced by surgical stainless steel and acrylic waterproof coating. Picture shows 8 mm wide ring.

This wood is a prime example of hidden gems. I've worked and met with hundreds of woods before I found this beauty, and I this is the wood that I still show my followers when we are talking about surprising finds. I had no idea this existed and it's still very hard to find. The piece that I found was supposed to be a billiards cue but it had a huge crack all the way in the middle....lucky for me. ;)

Dalmatian Ebony, scientifically known as Diospyros crassiflora, is a very rare hardwood species native to tropical regions of Africa, particularly found in countries like Cameroon and Gabon. This wood is famous for its deep black color and creamy patterns. The distinctive "spots" or streaks in Dalmatian Ebony are caused by mineral deposits in the wood.

Surgical stainless steel is a great choice for a wood ring core. It's lightweight, affordable, and its minimalist design showcases the natural beauty of the wood inlay. While it's not completely scratch-resistant, any scratches that do occur are hardly noticeable since there is minimal surface area that comes in contact with other surfaces. It's also technically hypoallergenic, but if you prefer an extra level of safety, ceramic is a great alternative. For a more sturdy and metal-dominant design, tungsten is the one for you.

Size (US):

Size (US)



Dalmatian Ebony + Steel
Dalmatian Ebony + Steel Sale price29.000 Ft