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Forest Birch+ Silver

Sale price68.000 Ft

Solid 925 silver ring with stabilized and dyed "Forest" birchwood inlay protected by completely waterproof and durable acrylic coating. Picture shows 6mm width design.

Birchwood in its natural form has light, creamy tones and its fine grain has a classic natural vibe. This wood is a total multitasker, coming anywhere from the Northern Hemisphere and being used for everything from furniture to instruments. Birch trees are all about new beginnings and growth, which is why birchwood is often associated with purity and renewal.

Silver 925, commonly known as sterling silver, is a classic and elegant choice for the reinforcement of a wood inlay ring. Silver, being a soft precious metal, is more prone to scratch, but its beautiful bright tone, light weight, and natural value more than makes up for it.

Production time for silver rings is approximately 90 days after order.



Size (US):

Size (US)

Forest Birch+ Silver
Forest Birch+ Silver Sale price68.000 Ft