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Swamp Ash+ Steel

Sale price36.000 Ft

Stabilized and dyed "Swamp" ashwood ring reinforced by medical grade stainless steel and waterproof coating. Pictures show 5 mm wide ring.

Ash wood in its natural form has light-colored tones and prominent grain. This wood is a real workhorse, coming from regions all over the Northern Hemisphere and being used for everything from baseball bats to furniture. Ash wood has a long history of being associated with strength and resilience, which is why it's often used in items that need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. It's like the unsung hero of the woodworking world!

Stabilized wood undergoes a process where it's infused with resin to enhance its durability and sexyness. This treatment not only makes the wood more resistant but also allows for vibrant dye colors to be added, resulting in a beautiful and unique look. Essentially, it's like giving wood a durability upgrade while also opening up a whole new world of color possibilities. So, if you're looking for a material that combines both resilience and aesthetic appeal for your ring inlay, stabilized wood is an excellent choice.

Surgical stainless steel is a great choice for a wood ring core. It's lightweight, affordable, and its minimalist design showcases the natural beauty of the wood inlay. While it's not completely scratch-resistant, any scratches that do occur are hardly noticeable since there is minimal surface area that comes in contact with other surfaces. It's also technically hypoallergenic, but if you prefer an extra level of safety, ceramic is a great alternative. For a more sturdy and metal-focused design, tungsten is the one for you.

Size (US):

Size (US)



Swamp Ash+ Steel
Swamp Ash+ Steel Sale price36.000 Ft